About First Energy

Environmental conservation and sustainable businesses rarely go hand in hand. With Oorja, First Energy is setting out to make this a reality.

First Energy Pvt. Ltd., is an alternative energy company based in Pune, India that applies biomass and gasification technology to heating applications, specifically home and commercial cooking. It was launched in 2005 as BP energy, a 100% subsidiary of British Petroleum. In 2009, it was spun off as First Energy, an independent entity by Mahesh Yagnaraman and Mukund Deogaonkar, in partnership with The Alchemists Ark, a privately held business consulting group, in Pune, led by Raymond Moses & Sreeram Thiagrajan and guided by Naveen Kshatriya strategically from day 1. Mahesh and Mukund have been integral to the Oorja story from its inception.


First Energy aims to bring about a significant change in the cooking and heating methods through a 4-pronged approach.


Use technology to create an integrated solution and not merely a product.


Provide secure and reliable access to fuel.


Interact directly with consumers to understand and meet their needs from end to end.


Spread the use of biomass energy

Application Innovation

The result is the breakthrough product and offer to the consumers – energy efficient Oorja biomass stove and customized OorjaMax steam solution.

Savings for Consumers

Saves substantially with convenient, cost-efficient solution for household consumers.

Savings for Businesses

Saves over 50% of the fuel bills for restaurants, caterers and canteens.
Works with small commercial businesses and small industries to help reduce energy costs, making them greener in the process.

Saves Time

Cooks faster thus reducing difficult time spent by cooking staff in hot commercial kitchens

Reduces Pollution

The solution is very efficient thus having minimal particulate emissions and also is a green alternative to fossil fuels