About Us

Oorja is sustainable energy solution that works with patented stove and fuel pellets derived from natural agricultural residue that delivers an LPG-like flame for use in food-service establishments like restaurants, caterers, messes and hotels. Essentially, any kind of open-flame bulk food preparation requirement can be serviced with the Oorja energy solution.

Oorja is safer than LPG, efficient, economical and easy to use and hence a real , viable alternative to other sources of energy. Nearly 2000 satisfied customers are already experiencing the benefits of Oorja  today and the numbers are growing. Cooking with Oorja not only saves money but food cooked with it also tastes better. To our commercial customers, Oorja is a no-risk proposition. We offer the product on a pay-as-you-go rental model with full free service as an added bonus.

Oorja is capable of meeting a majority of any kitchen’s needs and it has completely replaced conventional fuels in several kitchens. Oorja is available 365 days of the year in every city that we operate in.

Oorja  is safer than LPG as it not pressurized. It has a much higher flash point, which means that the fuel needs to be heated to about 200 deg.C before it starts to fully combust.

Oorjamax steam solution has further raised the bar by changing the method of cooking in Commercial kitchens by moving most of the bulk cooking to steam thus saving on time, making the kitchens cooler and increase the safety and convenience for the staff. Oorjamax Steam solution consists of Boiler in collaboration with Thermax, special biomass stove, and special pellets Oorjatherm. Oorjamax solution has been taken by over 100 customers already and is revolutionizing the way commercial kitchens can produce food, while saving time , effort and reducing energy consumption.