• Water circulation is on gravity, no water pump required
  • HWG can be insulated, so hot water can be used for longer time
  • Reduces cooking time as major bulk cooking food items like rice, dal, vegetables, gravy require water
  • Hot water requirement can be studied and solution can be provided with different capacities per hour,eg; 1000, 2000, 3000 Ltrs/Hr.
  • We can provide a Continuous Operation Stove with the HWG unit.

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Hot water is a critical component in commercial kitchens for cooking and cleaning purposes. In commercial kitchens, hot water can be used for cooking rice, dal, vegetables and curries.
Around 30 % of energy in a kitchen is used for boiling requirements which can be met by Oorja products reducing your overall energy costs. The HWG can also be used in hotels, for bathing and cleaning applications.


  • Used in kitchens, hotels, restaurants for providing hot water for cooking as well as bathing purposes.
  • Used in kitchens for cleaning utensils, pre cooking activities.
  • Used in kitchens for providing hot water for cooking

Technical Specifications

  • Initial time required to heat water from 25 Deg C to 85 Deg C is 30 Min.
HWG unit Spec Sheet
Pellet burn rate Hold up capacity Ltrs Per Hr hot water Ltrs
12 500 500

Tech Specifications of Batch Stove:-

Fuel required 18 Kgs of pellets (one time loading).
Battery Life (on full charge) 20 Hrs Backup with 10 Hrs recharge.
Capacity Can take vessel loads up to 150 Kgs
Power level High 30 KW, Medium 22 KW, Low 15 KW.
Operational duration High 1.15 Hrs, Medium 1.45 Hrs, Low 2.5 Hrs.
Emissions CO 0.5gm/MJ & CO/CO2 0.04, TSP 2mg/m3.
Soot None.