• Cooks all bulk meals fast
  • Saves fuel cost by over 25% as compared to LPG
  • Enhances food and flavour
  • Takes loads up to 150 Kgs

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The Oorja open flame stoves are Direct Flame Stoves which work on biomass pellet fuel. These are gasifier stoves manufactured by First Energy, Which together with pellet fuel generate the required quantity of heat to make cooking efficient and effective in kitchens.

Oorja Stoves are extremely user friendly. They are efficient ,batch process stoves with an even flame and ensure faster cooking. They also help to retain food flavour.

To our commercial customers, Oorja is a no-risk proposition. We offer the product on a pay-as-you-go rental model with free full service assuring zero down time.


  • ┬áThe stove can be used in kitchens for cooking rice (15 Kgs/Hr), dal (5 Kgs/Hr), sambhar (60 Litres/Hr).
  • Easy and safe to cook bulk food items in the kitchen.

Technical Specifications

Fuel required 9 Kgs of pellets (one time loading)
Battery life (on full charge) 20 Hr backup with 10 hrs recharge.
Capacity Can take vessel loads up to 150 kgs.
Power level High 30KW, Medium 22KW, Low 15KW.
Operational duration High 1.15 Hrs, Medium 1.45Hrs, Low 2.5Hrs.
Emissions CO 0.5gm/MJ & CO/CO2 0.04, TSP 2mg/m3
Soot None