• Batch process.
  • Saves cost as compared to traditional fuels.

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The Oorja Open Flame Stoves ( K60 LH Type) are suitable for sweet makers and for boiling milk. The stove is also used for frying farsan and samosas.

The stove is a low height option of our regular K60 model. It is used with a fryer for assisting in frying activities.


  • Low height
  • Ideal for sweet making and special needs

Technical Specifications

Fuel required 9 Kgs of pellets (one time loading)
Battery Life (on full charge) 20 Hrs backup with 10 Hrs recharge
Capacity Can take vessel loads up to 300 Kgs
Power level High 60 KW, MediumĀ  45 KW, Low 30 KW
Operational duration High 1.15 Hrs, Medium 1.45 Hrs, Low 2.5 Hrs.

CO 0.5gm/MJ & CO/CO2 0.04, TSP 2mg/m3.

Soot None.