• Boilers are a highly efficient method of energy delivery. With accessories like rice pans/tilters/khoa makers/biryani makers, they become very convenient for operators.
  • Oorja has designed stoves to work with both boilers to deliver steam from 60 Kgs per hour to 300 Kgs per hour at much lower energy costs.
  • Even heating, gives consistent quality product
  • Oorja recommends decoupling of steam requirements in different sections where boilers in excess of 500 Kgs/Hr are used to plan and optimize energy consumption
  • Depending on the requirement, Oorja can convert an existing boiler or place a new boiler along with the stoves and accessories as required by the customer

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Oorjamax is an Integrated System of Boiler, Oorja Infini Stove and Water Softener, Jacketed and Non Jacketed Vessel and Idli Maker, these are integrated as per your requirement. The steam generated by the boiler can be used to make food faster ,while retaining its flavour and taste. It is a Non-IBR Boiler. It can be operated for long hours and needs only one person to oversee all operations in the kitchen. The system is friendly to use and can be cleaned by one person. The boiler also improves the working conditions inside the kitchen and gives lower temperature to work within.


  • Used in commercial kitchens where 2000 meals or more are prepared on daily basis
  • Used for  boiling activities in the kitchen
  • Used to prepare rice, dal, sambhar,  boiling vegetables, idlis or any other item which requires some form of boiling, in a faster way.

Technical Specifications

  • Pellet fuel consumption  :- From 10 Kgs /Hr to 80 Kgs/ Hr.
  • Non IBR  Boiler
  • Pressure: Up to 9 Bar (Working Pressure up to 2.5 Bar).
  • Fuel :- Oorja Biomass Pellets.
  • Type:- Coil type boiler.
  • Automated feeding system.

We provide vessels wherever required.

  • Vessels made from SS 304.
  • Direct injection, milk vessels, idli boxes.
  • Each vessel is modular .